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    SAS 6.0.1264 crashes in Win10

    Checking this option helps, produces no crash and continues to the point of deleting items. It is not advisable to continue using SAS in safe mode from today onwards?
  2. DeanH

    SAS 6.0.1264 crashes in Win10

    Sorry yes during a scan, not that I have timed it but it seem to stop after about 10mins. As I said either as or not as a admin. Cheers
  3. Hi all How can I stop SAS 6.0.1264 failing and closes in Win 10? This seems to have started after the 1809 update. This happens in both normal and as Admin mode. thanks Dean
  4. DeanH

    Windows 10 and SuperAntiSpyWare

    I see the same message, has this been fixed yet?