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  1. Thank you. I understand. That is why I love MalwareBytes Anti Malware and SAS. You get the same scanner in the free version as the paid. Since this is the suggestion subforum, if anyone hasn't mentioned it, it would also be nice to be able to update the free version just like updating the database. Instead of Super Anti Spyware I think I would call it The Pup Buster. Since that is mainly what it detects and eliminates on my machines.
  2. Yesterday I updated to the latest SAS Free. During install as it removed the old version it noted "your preferences will be preserved." I guess this is true as long as my preference is the same as the program's preference. I only run AV, anti-malware etc.. during scans. To me real-time protection interferes with the proper operation of the system. Especially if the installer states it will honor my preferences it should do so. The case in point is "Start With Windows" which I always have disabled. After install this setting was toggled to Enabled. On the next boot there is SAS in the tray. I have used the program for years and appreciate that it is provided free of charge. But my suggestion would be to honor the settings of the current version when updating. Thanks for the program.
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