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  1. hello. SAS free version 6.0.1220 database version 12912 win10 64 bit V.10.0.10586 i scan and update the definitions daily. a few weeks ago, a product version update notification appeared in the lower right of my screen after program was opened. when i clicked on "update", i received this: "update error there was an error performing the update". this happens every time i open the program and try to do the update. any suggestions/advice?? thanks!! never mind. i see the newest version here on the site. however, if there is advice re: the error message, please respond anyway. thanks again.
  2. thanks, geoff, exactly what i wanted to know.
  3. i am running SAS free version. since this version doesn't have 'real-time scanning', what exactly is it doing by loading at startup? and since with the free version, you can't configure to automatically do scans at startup, why start with windows at all?? is something else being accomplished?? couldn't find this addressed anywhere (unless it's right there and i missed it). just very curious. thanks in advance!!
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