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  1. reinstalled, but this time i right clicked installer and selected `run as admin'. rebooted and it worked. didn't even lose my trial:) thanks for the assist kenw.
  2. it seems to me that because the SAS process is not started/active, that real time is likely not working. when i navigate to the SAS exe to start it, it will not start. but if i right click it and run as administrator it does start. so it seems that during startup it doesn't start because it is not running as administrator ... and/or the uac is not allowing it to launch. i do not wish to reinstall because i was using the trial to see how it operates. if i reinstall, the trial will likely be dead, dropping the real time protection.
  3. ok, more info. i just started SAS via alternate start. icon is in tray. i can see that there is only the one service that runs. so this is good. however, when it started, there is now a process running that previously wasn't. and it is active with disk load, etc. previously, there was no activity. so it seems like something is amiss with launching this process at startup. i also have malwarebytes anti exploit program. its logs don't mention SAS. i have scanned for malware with windows defender, malwarebytes free antimalware, SAS, house call online scanner, Dr. Web portable scanner, and Zemina antimalware portable scanner. all say i have a clean system. i might try esets online, but it seems i'm clean.
  4. i'm using win 10. and i've noted that sas driver icon is missing. in my experiance, this is usually just a microsoft thing, where the program is running fine, but the icon is missing. but i wish to confirm. i am using windows defender, so that shouldn't be the problem. and i am using zonealarm firewall, which according to its logs is not blocking anything. -the SAS core service is running. this is the only SAS service i can see. does it only have one? -i don't think any SAS processes are running however. there are 14 occurrences of superantispyware.exe, but under the cpu percentage column, it says "suspended" after each instance. (i am using anvir task manager). this seems odd to me. when i try to manually start it by double clicking the shortcut, it does not start. but when i manually start by clicking the alternate start one it does start, with tray icon and all. this seems odd. does this sound like the tray icon is simply not showing and that protection is on? or does it sound like something is amiss? and is there a test page to confirm real time protection is working? one specifically for SAS?
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