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  1. I think I will try and reinstall one more time and see what happens, I do know that if you have spybot that bitdefender will ask you to uninstall before proceeding and I was reading a post from 2013 in bitidefender forum about how they and spybot have joined together for better detections. just some info but I will try again then try support ticket.

  2. i guess my biggest issue is later after install for a few days of having both BD And superantispyware is that BD becomes corrupted and has issues i then have to repair with no success then i remove superantispyware and repair BD again and all works fine.


    so i was leaning toward this being a supersntispyware issue rather than BD since removing superantispyware seems to fix these issue and installing superantispyware causes a corruption of BD.


    also to add I was unaware that I had more than one forum account

  3. I recently switch my computers security suite to Bitdefender Total Security 2016, I immediately had issues with it and some minor system glitches, since I have been using super antispyware for 4 years now but with other security suites I knew it had to be bitdefender so after talking with bitdefender support techs and others I had to remove superantispyware and I was then able to repair bitdefender and all is working fine.


    is there any known issues or was superantispyware tested with bitdefender because now I have a lifetime key that I am unable to use unless you have a work around for this issue or know what the compatibility issue is.

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