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  1. Thanks very much for the honest and informative reply, I really respect and appreciate this. What I usually see with Malwarebytes, is that it blocks malicious internet traffic to and from my computer. It will block an outgoing message generated without my knowledge or approval by my computer. The question is if Superantispyware would prevent such outgoing messages from being generated (or being sent out) by killing the origin, source, or cause in time. Is there a logic according to which Superantispyware protects the user in realtime as well as Malwarebytes supposedly does?
  2. I've been using Malwarebytes Premium for a while and often see a notification that a malicious website or dangerous upload or download has been blocked. You can actually see Malwarebytes providing realtime protection. There is no sign of Superantispyware actually blocking or stopping threats in real time. Does Superantispyware really provide the kind of protection that Malwarebytes offers?
  3. Hi, I have just joined this forum and cannot find the button where I click to start a new topic, i.e. to submit a posting. There is simply no "New Topic" or "Add a posting" button anywhere to be seen. How do I start a new topic?
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