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  1. I have tried that 4 times, and nothing. It has turned into a very buggy program. If I am actually on my computer looking at my visible desktop, is the only time it actually scans on schedule. It does not wake it up from sleep mode ever. It seems like the last program update messed everything up.
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    Is this board even accessible any more?
  3. I have it set to scan at 10:30 am every Sunday morning, but it never even starts until I wake the computer up by moving the mouse, or whatever. If I don't wake it up until 1 in the afternoon, it won't start until 1 in the afternoon ETC. Today it started scanning at who knows what time, and I checked it said was already scanning for over 3 hours, when It normally doesn't take more than 20, or 25 minutes. I have it set for a full scan. I canceled out of that scan, and did over again running it manually, and it ran a full scan in the 20, or 25 minutes like it usually does, Any ideas?
  4. I have superantispyware scheduled to scan at 10:30 AM every Sunday, but it never even starts until I move the mouse to wake the computer up from sleep mode. If I don't wake it up until, 4 in the afternoon, it won't start scanning until 4 in the afternoon.
  5. Schedule scan all of a sudden doesn't scan on schedule. It has been doing it for years, and now it doesn't anymore.
  6. Actually I just set it to scan at 4:50 PM CT, and it started to scan at around 4:52. That was at my desktop. I don't know what it would do if it had to wake the computer up to scan. If I uninstalled, and reinstalled, would it know that I have a lifetime subscription?
  7. I just noticed it on Sunday. Haven't changed a thing or installed anything. I changed it to 11:25AM M-F, and it shows it as being saved in the Schedule Scanning place, even though that error message comes up when I try to save it.
  8. When I changed the scan to a few minutes in the future, I hit save, and a box popped up saying " Task Schedule error unable to save task", and than a second after that came up it started to scan. The " wake this pc from sleep" box was already checked.
  9. Where is the " wake on" option? can't find it. I can scan manually with no problem.
  10. Superantispyware doesn't seem to be scanning according to schedule anymore. Had it scheduled for 8:00pm tonight, and it didn't do it. I had my computer in sleep mode too. Also, the scans don't seem to show up in quarantine like they used to. Never had a problem before. How long after a missed schedule scan is it still going to scan?
  11. Why did a full scan go from 2 and a half to 3 hours with windows 7 to a half an hour in windows 10?
  12. I tried to do that too. They were of no help either!
  13. My forum name was "Diff"
  14. I lost my password, and I never did get a new one E mailed to me. It said it was going to send me one, but never did. I tried 5 times, and nothing. I finally had to re register, and use a new email address in order to post on this forum.
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