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  1. Schedule scan all of a sudden doesn't scan on schedule. It has been doing it for years, and now it doesn't anymore.
  2. Actually I just set it to scan at 4:50 PM CT, and it started to scan at around 4:52. That was at my desktop. I don't know what it would do if it had to wake the computer up to scan. If I uninstalled, and reinstalled, would it know that I have a lifetime subscription?
  3. I just noticed it on Sunday. Haven't changed a thing or installed anything. I changed it to 11:25AM M-F, and it shows it as being saved in the Schedule Scanning place, even though that error message comes up when I try to save it.
  4. When I changed the scan to a few minutes in the future, I hit save, and a box popped up saying " Task Schedule error unable to save task", and than a second after that came up it started to scan. The " wake this pc from sleep" box was already checked.
  5. Where is the " wake on" option? can't find it. I can scan manually with no problem.
  6. Superantispyware doesn't seem to be scanning according to schedule anymore. Had it scheduled for 8:00pm tonight, and it didn't do it. I had my computer in sleep mode too. Also, the scans don't seem to show up in quarantine like they used to. Never had a problem before. How long after a missed schedule scan is it still going to scan?
  7. Why did a full scan go from 2 and a half to 3 hours with windows 7 to a half an hour in windows 10?
  8. I tried to do that too. They were of no help either!
  9. My forum name was "Diff"
  10. I lost my password, and I never did get a new one E mailed to me. It said it was going to send me one, but never did. I tried 5 times, and nothing. I finally had to re register, and use a new email address in order to post on this forum.
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