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    Unable to install or reinstall old version

    Hi It was one of the ones listed in one of the topics off this forum (sorry forgot which thread). Anyway an update. I finally got the new version installed. By accident. Since the last time i tried to install the new version i have used wise registry a few times as per normal , removed and installed new version of different programs (no antivirus, firewalls or anti malware programs though). Not sure what it was but i thought id give it a go today and amazingly it installed into the default install folder (i did try that previously as well). Its now working all good.Im wonder if it were certain registry settings removed during one of my actions in days since the last failed install? anyway all good. not tempting fate and trying a reinstall. cheers Nigel
  2. Hi all, Been using Superantispyware for quite a while and have been happy with the free edition to point where i was going to pay for the pro version. However, after using the free edition v5.5 for quite a while, i decided to install and try the 6.0 edition that is available. Uninstalled 5.5. Rebooted PC (windows 7 64 bit). Tried the uninstaller suggested by others on google. Installing new version & also tried to install 5.5 again - always comes up with Unable to create folder and install aborts. The only thing i have not done is try safe mode - but if comments in google is anything to go by, seemingly most likely wont work. Tried disabling my virus scanner and also malwarebytes to install and still error. Cannot see any temp folders the installer might leave in windows in case thats problem. Any suggestions? Anyone resolved this issue ? (seems to be something others have encountered but ive yet to read a resolution). nigs