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  1. Ahhh... I see, went to check that afterwards the posting and it was pretty much that... maybe my 'virus paranoia' got the best of me this time...
  2. Went to check the Task Manager to see what was going on and then found out a file of a weird name running, I went to check adn it went right to the SAS installation folder (also identifying itself as the current SAS software running in the system. 6491d803-a616-409b-868d-5c43e6fc8a70.com Since many malwares work with this kind of file name and sometime an extension like that want to know what is this file and why is named like that (also checked at Virus TOtal and it was as clean as anything)
  3. Updated and the file was scanned and no longer pointing the trojan warning
  4. okay. Thanks for helping it. Will do that right now EDIT: SAS updated me for the previous database version (12035), thus still gives the file as a virus. The 12036 did not appeared for me to be updated at the SAS upgrade check
  5. DUring a scan I did today, it appeared that a file from Google Chrome was pointed as a Trojan.Agent/Gen.Dropper C:\USERS\USUARIO\APPDATA\LOCAL\GOOGLE\CHROME\USER DATA\DEFAULT\FILE SYSTEM\003\T\00\00000016 (file has no extension) Used VirusTotal to scan the file and all bar two (SAS included) said the file was clean If you want to check the file better I will zip it and upload it. Will add Virus Total's results https://www.virustotal.com/pt/file/bc1acb6f67cf38755b4a666c0e859b1012de1fd581bd27db6e88e384863ffbd5/analysis/1440733876/ (MBAM and MSE did not detected any activity of Trojans and stuff in my system during recent scans (all done today)
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