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  1. has anyone found a solution to this?
  2. Hi Don, fortunately I do practice safe hex, so I don't get infected all that often, but when I do, I have noticed that SAS hasn't found the culprits. I tried to upload a word doc wuth a sample of what ESET caught that SAS didn't, but your uploader won't allow it.
  3. >> I run SAS first and then the others afterwards, the others find things SAS doesn't. SAS only seems to find tracking cookies. >> I don't see how any of these things change the fact that SAS is largely useless
  4. Hi staticguy, I agree with your observation, what I am saying is that SAS doesn't catch ANYTHING more than adware cookies, anymore. It's not that it doesn't work in conjunction with other programs (I have ESET A/V and Malwarebytes, but SAS does virtually nothing. I have the latest version of SAS Pro.
  5. I remember a time, many years ago, when SAS was very good at catching more than just adware cookies. I still have SAS running on 5 of my machines, but it hasn't detected anything but cookies in as long as I can remember. I run periodic scans with other AV software (ESET) after running SAS Complete Scans, and ESET will find things and take care of them, fortunately. This is sad, because SAS used to be the go-to product for difficult to find and remove malware.
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