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  1. Hi Shirley, Once again my apologies for such a long wait in replying to you...not long been home from work. No, I have never been to glasto either..it's a shame things change so much, but that's the way of the world now eh? I am so fed up with this windows 8, trying to find out where everything is.. I have just loaded my psp as I love to do graphics, but whereas I knew where system 32 was to insert my dll files I have no idea where to go...never mind, it will keep me occupied..wonder what windows 10 wlil be like. What a change in the weather today Shirley....sooooooooooooooooo hot yesterday...just no air !!! thank goodness it's a little fresher today. Well, better get on with my searching Shirley. Big hugs Babs xx
  2. Good morning Shirley... Thanks so much, the scan is running now but when it's finished I will tick 'that box' now I will run...no, hang on, gently walk down th stairs and do the same on my laptop.. Are you from the south of England too Shirley...and yes, weather great for those who go to Glastonberry Festival..do you ever go Well my sweet, just going to wash my hair and then go to see my daughter.♥ Thank you again for all your help. 'I will be back for sure '!!!! Have a lovely day... Big hugs Babs xxx
  3. Good morning dear Shirley,: ) Thank you so much for your reply, and have jusrt inserted the code into my laptop downstairs....YEAH!!!!! it worked, just like you said.. Thank you, thank you, thank you.♥ Okey dokey, I see where you mean to upload an image.. I will do that now. It is just coming up to 6.30am Saturday and am getting ready to go food shopping (once a week) and I have to get back as the plumber is coming at 8.30am. Such a beautiful morning here in the south of England, clear blue skies and a lovely fresh breeze. Well here goes. sending the image to you. Thank you dear one for all your help...and angel !! Hugsssssss Barbara xx
  4. I have just done a screen shot of the boxes I was talking about Guilty Spark..hope I managed to upload it correctly. awww, it's not giving me theoption to upload an image from my docs...sorry !! I have just done a copy & paste..not sure it will show for you. No, it would not allow me to send ...shame!!
  5. Hi and good morning, awww, I wish I knew your name ) or do I just call you Guilty Spark ? So sorry it has been a few days before answering your message, just been a bit hectic at home..things going wrong, waiting for a plumber and more !!! I will have to look into SAS and see where I have to insert my licence code, you are so kind...thank you so much.x if I have problems can I come running back ?? Also, thank you for the link for Windows 8. I will do a print screen shot for you to see what boxes I mmean about being ticked... I cannot do it at the moment as SAS is running, but I will be back later today and send a screen shot. Bless you and thank you so much for your help. (((Hugs))) Barbara x
  6. Hi there dear man, I have just checked and it was the one where it says two per household...(£29.99) (I live on my own) and as I explained earlier, it is more convenient for me to have the two computers, my desktop is XP but my new laptop is 8.1 and have version 10 ready to be downloaded when it is time. How do I go about puting the SAS on my new laptop ? I have the trial version running at the moment, so I unistall that and then ????? ( I must sound so stupid !!!!) also I have to find out on my new laptop where the control panel is....eeeeeeeeeekk!!! so much to learn !!! Again, thank you so much for helping me ((Hugs)) Barbara
  7. Good morning, Thank you so much for your reply... oh gosh, I bought the SAS Professional subscription...and yes, I wanted it on both really, as I have my desktop upstairs, and the laptop downstairs... (just had an operation so hard to get upstairs quickly) I have a lot of expense coming up with my home. Thank you for your help....also, you know some boxes are already ticked...I am not sure if and what should have ticked...can you point me in the right direction for that also. So glad I have you to come to for help. !!! Kindest wishes Barbara x
  8. Good afternoon from England I have just bought a new Laptop, and I still have my desktop with SAS (paid for) installed... can I use my paid for version on my new laptop ?... I downloaded a free trial version on the new laptop for safety measure. My new Laptop is Windows 8.1 so I am stiill exploring it, all so new to me. Thank you Barbara
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