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    (SOLVED) sourceforge.net for FreeFileSync

    I came by the infection thru a viewer of my "how to video" on YouTube featuring SAS as the fix, he emailed me & said he had the parasite & asked what security scanner remover would work, if I knew what type it was, most of all how to get rid of the infector (mind you it was not nice at first) I told him SAS Is "EXCELLENT" I will stand by that, going as far as Infected my self with his recent downloads, I did not do a custom inrtstall, I installed it just lilke grandma would "CLICK CLICK CLICK" sure enough there it was! I was not worried "I will unplug it" I was more concerned that something so underhanded & purposely deceptive was laying in wait to run a muck, "everything about it, a text book definition of malware... Anywho the fix for now is to reinstall your browser without any file migration,
  2. haurqermer

    (SOLVED) sourceforge.net for FreeFileSync

    Thank you, my apologies for venting my fustrations in a direction that is just a stanbuyer with good intent, I removed or just isolated it's path, by reinstalling my browser without any preference data migration, I realize the online world is dynamicly changing & evolving, along with the pitfalls, land mines & traps, what I researched so far, (mind you it's more than likely complete rubbish), "getting something that is maleisious classified as such is not a easy task, & can be a legel battle" I hope that is false, because it's going get tough to run any OS safely online other than a Linux distro, Thank You for your knowlege, Oh! do you have or can you tell me were to find the link for submiting the potental threat? I will open SAS & poke around, if the link is there, then.... "Best Wishes"
  3. haurqermer

    (SOLVED) sourceforge.net for FreeFileSync

    What does it have to do with SAS? I thought that SAS purpose was to identify & remove "Maleisious" content? I have been a huge fan of SAS for more than 11 years, & have activly promoted it, I put a video on YouTube featuring SAS as my recomended software fix, I recieved a blistering email over a browser based parasidic redirector, I told him I would look into it & see if there was a fix, "so I installed it" "Im good at running down the offender" this thing is deliberitly deceptive, it does not remove the pericidic highjacker when uninstalling, it just leaves it to run a muck" in directorys, files, without anything to identifity it... I have up dated & ran SAS nothing showed up as a PUP or in the scan,, I realize that your a volinter & do this to contibute to SAS,, Please help me understand, I have always thought if it is browser based & or redirects to advertisment with a secondary or many options for redirecting, its a spyware adware remover that tagets that type of maleisious content,, if I have it wrong I would truly be greatful if you can enlighten me.... is it a rootkit, trojan ? Thank You!
  4. If Ever there was a meaning of the word "malicious" this parasitic highjacking back alley redirecting peace of malware, should be the example reference! if ever I seen a posturing baboon, or what chicken excrement is! If it looks smells feel's & taste's like it! So? do we clean it up or go ahead & keep stepping in it? .... I know!! Lets change the very meaning of the word "definitions" because its content meaning does not define it anymore, hear is the content you can find at "Source Forge" in what is defined as "Open-source" >>--> "free file sync" & its association >>>---://freefilesync.com ://mscaccumulator.info/sync/?q ://currentset.info/sync/?q= ://mscaccumulator.info/sync/?q ://superve.net/sync ://app4us.info/sync/ ://veteranted.org/sync ://veteranted.org ://mscaccumulator.info/syn ........ can some define this crap for me? Or is my definition of your software wrong? Because I'm lost at this point? Is this not your thing?