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  1. Yes, sorry,  you're correct

    Say 45 detections with no real time protection.

    Switch to Pro from free- run a scan- clean and the next day or so under Pro I still have

    45 or some other number of the same detections.

    I guess I figured real time would squash the stuff before it got to me.



  2. Coming from the free version to the Pro version I have a ?

    I like the software- no doubt.

    Lets say I have 45 items when I scan on the free version.

    Then I went pro with all the features running.

    I was somewhat taken back that when I scanned again in Pro mode I have the same

    45 items.


    I assumed the Pro Version would stop most from getting to my machine in the first place.

    So the ? is what does real time protection really do?



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