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  1. I loaded Windows 10. Why do the scanning programs for Windows 10 never download? Maybe their security scan would stop the junk that comes through when SAS misses it. I really believe the malware programs available today control our computers more than the average person realizes. By producing or allowing malware to enter our systems when and where they want. If I can block programs from my Granddaughter then there ought to be a block for all ads.
  2. My PC has an IP address. So do the people who send cookies and malware. Seems to me SAS could block the malware IP addresses at the "front door" rather than waiting for the crap to enter the system. Outside the box. The same Adware stuff gets loaded everyday. Surely you brainiacks can find a solution.
  3. Is it normal to scan two or three times a day and find 200 to 600 or more threats each time? If Adware is the identified problem then why can't it be blocked completely? Is it normal for ads/pop-ups to have to completely load before one can write an email or scroll a page? Also, why does "Quick Scan" find threats "Critical Scan" does not? Thanks! About to join Mick Dodge and Will of Stone!
  4. Mr. Spark, thanks for the help. Problem solved. The problem is the stuff seems to reload every other day. First let me say I can see fighting malware must be an everyday battle. SAS keeps me running smooth about 95% of the time. The other 5% is garbage that appears after SAS has scanned in the morning when I power up. Listen to this recent scare. I went to You Tube to watch a video on the Bianchi Triad ankle holster. I had watched about 2 minutes of the 4 minute video when suddenly the video stopped. A sound like amp feedback started. I waited thinking heavy traffic had caused the video to log jamb. The feedback stopped. A strange computer voice started talking to me. In a distant feedback voice hard to describe, it said "You don't have permission to used this site". The voice started saying a bunch of other mumbo jumbo and I tried to close the window. No luck. I had to power down. I did the SAS thing when I powered back up and the problem went away. I don't worry much about hackers cause I ain't got nothin they would want and I have nothing to hide. When I start hearing voices I start to wonder about my sanity.
  5. Hope I did this right. Find attachment. Thanks! Quarantine.txt
  6. Ok. I found it. It won't let me copy and paste the files here. Remember, I'm a high man on the totem pole.
  7. I did what you said but lost the gobble de gook somewhere in documents. Can't find it to post.
  8. I'm no expert on this stuff. Once the bug takes over nothing but immediate shut down works. After one incident I immediately scanned with SAS and no detection of a threat was indicated. This is in no way a complaint with SAS! Its just another bug that needs to be stomped! Is there a way that next time it happens I somehow connect with SAS?
  9. There is a pesky program that takes over my web surfing. It does not happen often but when it does I can't get rid of it. It locks the web page flashing "Your Computer has been taken over by a virus"! "Call this 1-800 number now"!! The program will not allow one to close the window. I end up shutting down/holding down the off switch to regain control. Clear, alt, delete worked at one time but no longer effects the bogus program. Any suggestions?
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    Americancritic? I'm 65 and not that computer savvy. I don't have to be. SASW cleared my laptop of all the BS. Just sit back and let them do their work. Welcome!
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    Love the mask!
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