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  1. I scan my pc every day with SAS. Last night I tried to download the AmazonPrimeMusic to upload new music to my Ipod and I got a message from SAS that it had blocked this trojan  



    I called Amazon and they told me to uninstall app and reinstall. I did this and got the same message from SAS. 

    I called again and they checked their PrimeMusic app and said that it was virus free. They said the trojan is on my computer already and it just attached to their app on install. 


    I rescanned my pc with SAS and the trojan does not show up or get removed because when I tried to reinstall the Amazon app for the third and then the fourth time SAS still gives me the message that it blocked a trojan.


    What is my next step? Is this a trojan so hidden that SAS cannot find it unless it attaches to something else? How can I find out if I really have this trojan?


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