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  1. When I downloaded from http://cdn.superantispyware.com/SASDEFINITIONS.EXE I took a helluva lot longer than 10 sec....See my comment above. I checked my connnection & it was 15mbps...I've been on the net with many sites and no slowness...so it's probably something about the CDN ATT connection that's caused the wheels to fall off. Hope you guys get it fixed. Thanks for following up.

    BOBRGR, just curious do you have AT&T DSL or U-Verse?


    Also FYI-My update just failed again!

  2. Well-did another system restore (same restore point) and guess what, things seem (more or less-still a bit slow) OK. Just seem very strange 2 different applications going bonkers at the same time when they always played together before. Did get a notification that mt version of Windows wasn't valid (it is-but I have seem that before-will go to the validation website). Will do some more checking. I think AT&T was having some (local) issues.


    Thanks Geoff for your help. 8)

  3. Yes-update I have uninstalled and am attempting to re-install-my connection seems to be SLOOOOW. I use AT&T U-verse high speed internet-I rebooted my router-deleted cache-and am currently scanning for malware. Trying everything I can think off-checked my download speed, its 22.8 mbps (my service calls for 18 mbps download). Web surfing is OK but downloads seem to be an issue. Will give an update once my scanning is done. Just was checking if it's my issue or an other issue-sounds like mine.

  4. Past 2 days I've been having update issues, unable to update at all today, starts out slow, gets to about 13% then fails-"download incomplete"- (repeats and fails) "definitions update failed". I use the free edition, version 6.0.1186 database version 11821. Win 7 x64. 


    Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance,

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