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  1. Not to hopeful I'll get any help here, but I'll go ahead and provide an update. I did open a support ticket, and SAS responded on Friday asking me to try something Friday night. Well, Friday being Friday, I forgot. So I did it last night only to return to my support ticket to post the results and find out my ticket has been closed. Anyway.....I exited SAS last night and left Thunderbird running. (at least I got the "do you want to exit" screen and the icon closed in start-up) I came in this morning and Thunderbird was behaving correctly, however I was surprised to SAS running in the start-up menu. It's also behaving correctly. I guess it re-launched when it was set for a scheduled scan?
  2. Need some help. I'm running SAS Pro and I use Thunderbird for email. Whenever I run a scheduled scan (at 4am), the scan seems to complete. (at least is shows up in the log and last scan) However, SAS will not relaunch after the scheduled scan. My Thunderbird also starts acting up at 4am. Mail continues to be marked as JUNK, but Thunderbird stops moving the mail from Inbox to Junk at this time. Sending Mail is also "temperamental." Some emails go out, some seem to "hang" waiting for server. The coincidence in time on email in JUNK folder and marked as JUNK but in my Inbox tell me the 2 have to be related. I have tried turning off Thunderbird and everything seemed fine the next day. I get A LOT of JUNK email, and I really don't want to turn off my Thunderbird (or have to remember everyday). A reboot fixes all problems until next scheduled scan. When I run a manual scan, everything seems to work properly. I am running Bitdefender (paid verson) as my virus protection. That seems to function properly all the time. Win7 Pro Thunderbird, SAS and Bitdefender on my SSD boot drive. Thunderbird profile folder on HD (as well as all my storage and media). My scheduled scan is a custom scan, scanning both drives. Both drives are internal to a MSI Laptop w/ an i7 and 8g of RAM. TIA for the HELP.
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