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  1. Hi, All good now,support got through with CMS and manual Cheers
  2. Just checked our cisco ironport and seeing the messages recalled with a "Message 643540 aborted: Receiving aborted by sender" event. Have requested email be resent to my gmail if possible which I put in my support ticket. Cheers
  3. Yes, nothing there, could you tell me the senders address and time I can check the exchange logs
  4. Hi, received an email advising me there was an update to the support ticket but this support ticket information refereed me back to my email? I think the email with actual info is still pending. Cheers
  5. Hi, Bought a site licence yesterday (50 user) and received the download link for the pro version with the confirmation email but still don't have access to the CMS software/link? Logged a job with support yesterday but was wondering if I missed a link/email etc that may have had this info? Does anybody know where is the CMS installer to get the centrally managed side of things working? Cheers
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