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  1. i have found since SAS has started detecting more malware objects - my internet browser becomes slower and slower as the day goes on i run SAS at the end of the day and the browser seems to retrieve pages faster is this a possibility or is it a figment of my imagination (browser is most current ver. of chrome)
  2. so does that mean SAS was ignoring them in the past? and why now did they become important enough to remove?
  3. Hi GS, Fairly quick I have Kaspersky Pure 3.0 - usually starts right after SAS but this problem only started after my update to the newest version of SAS 6.0.1170 (when it happens - it is not a game breaker - since it is occasional - just piqued my curiosity - and made me wonder if it will worsen down the road)
  4. Every since I updated to the most current version(v.6.0.1170), occasionally the SAS icon will not show up in systray when I start my computer. It is not something I can reproduce(no known pattern) - but it does seem to happen more frequently lately. Using Win 7 and the paid version of SAS Pro.
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