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  1. Thank you, Guilty Spark. I just now downloaded RKill (ver. and I will run it. Meanwhile -- here is an addendum to my original post: I have run Sophos Virus Removal, AVG 2015, Malware Anti-Malware and Emisisoft Emergency Kit. NONE of these have reported the Backdoor.Hupigon/Variant. My computer is not running slower and I have not had any noticible problems of any kind -- except for Super AntiSpyware finding and reporting Backdoor.Hupigon/Variant each time I run it. :-0 RKill Ver. 2.7.0 found no problems. Kaspersky tdsskiller.exe - no threats found So . . . I deleted Super AntiSpyware, restarted the computer, and it found new hardware - unknown, could not install [No big deal - everything appears to be working okay.] Next I downloaded and installed Super AntiSpyware 6.0.1168 Free Edition (again), ran a complete scan, and it did not find anything this time. I can only conclude it was an anomaly? However, I did notice other folks have had this same issue with Super AntiSpyware [when I searched in my search engine]. The deal with Rkill.com is most bizarre! It was not on my desktop before, and when I did download it and run it (January 24th), it was put in a totally different location than the screen capture showed. Very strange indeed. I ran a complete scan again today using SuperAntispyware and again it showed my computer being clean. You are so right about Windows XP. I have been holding out for Windows 10, as I am not a fan of Windows 8 or 8.1 at all. Thank you again for your help!
  2. I have SUPER AntiSpyware [sAS] Ver. 6.0.1168, my OS is Windows XP Pro, I ran a full scan yesterday and Backdoor.Hupigon/Variant was listed. I understand this is VERY bad! I let SAS remove the file to quarantine. Then I restarted my computer (as directed). Today, I ran a complete scan again. Again, I was notified about Backdoor.Hupigon/Variant and again I elected to remove the file to quarantine. What the heck is going on? Is this particular malware impossible for SAS to remove, or is this a false positive? I have attached a JPG of a screen capture of the information related to the above. JPG file is SuperAntiSpyware-Hupigon.jpg. After having read about Backdoor Hupigon online, I am very concerned about this latest development. All help appreciated!
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