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  1. I had the very same error on a complete scan. Then I remember having some delay whenever I accessed one of my larger external drives from windows 7. Well when i checked further, I noticed that this drive a WD 4TB had a sleep timer that would shut it down after a period. I figured that if that was the case it could be a problem for Superantispyware when it tried to access it in a complete scan. Windows was patient and would wait several seconds for the drive to wake but I do not think Superantispyware was going to do this, (at least on the current version) I then decided to go ahead and access the drive to wake it up before the scan. Once I knew it was up, I did a complete scan and it worked perfectly in Superantispyware's default settings. So, Those of you with this problem should look to see if you may have this problem with the large externals. You can (with utilities on the drive) set the sleep timer to your liking, or just turn it off. Alternately just make sure to access the drive(s) you have externally to be sure they are awake before doing a complete scan. I believe the issue here is a drive that SAS cannot get onto because it is sleeping. I may be wrong, but by waking my drive it caused SAS to see it and not lock up. I hope this is a help to many. SAS is quite good as far as I am concerned. Ron
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