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  1. I've used SAS for many years, free edition. I recently decided to pay for it as I thought it was a good and reliable system and installed it on my PC and on 2 other PC in my household. My daughters and my sons PC, and to thank SAS for several years of free use. I recently allowed my wife to use my PC to do shopping for Christmas and in the sales etc. I started getting loads of pop ups and adverts so ran SAS which found next to nothing. The adverts still kept coming. I searched for other products and info to see of they could help. I was told to try MBAM and Spyhunter 4. Both are seemingly free just like SAS is, with reduced functionality. Results speak for themselves. Attached is a screenshot of my PC that shows :_ SAS - 21 items found MBAM - 91 items found Spyhunter 4 - 723 items found!!! This is hundreds and hundreds of items found that SAS failed to do so, and also, it found the ones causing the adverts to pop up everywhere AND removed them, but of course I had to pay for it. Why am I paying for SAS? Can I get a refund for this poor product?
  2. Can you add into S.A.S. to get rid of this thing? Every time I'm opening a browser or trying to watch Netflix it just pops up adverts that I can't get rid of in the lower right hand side of the screen, and sometimes at the top and bottom of the screen. Incredibly annoying and despite updating and running SAS it is still there.
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