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  1. Recently downloaded, installed and ran version 6.0.1216 of the Free Edition of SUPERAntiSpyware without any issue. So why there are/were issues downloading/installing version 6.0.1212 is still unknown(?)
  2. Finally managed to get the Free edition of SUPERAntiSpyware version 6.0.1212 installed and running properly! However! I had to use a local Internet Café to download the file using their broadband connection in order to get a working copy of SAS Free edition! Despite numerous downloads of the Free edition using my slow dialup connection via download managers, the downloaded files always appeared to be corrupted. And yet the Professional edition of SAS version 6.0.1212 was downloaded and installed without any problem using my dialup connection? Customer Service, although of some help, could not offer an explanation as to why the Professional edition of SAS could be downloaded and installed without issue, and yet the downloaded Free edition of SAS always seemed to be corrupted. Previous versions of the Free edition were downloaded and installed without any issue. So why is there now a problem downloading the latest version of the Free edition? No one seems to know. It was suggested by CS the download managers split the file up while downloading and then recombined the files to make the whole, and something may have gone wrong with the recombining process. But that is not the issue as the download managers have been set to download files as ONE part, the files are not split while downloading. This issue is considered partly solved, as I now have a working copying of SAS Free edition version 6.0.1212 installed. But the issue remains as to why Free edition downloads now do not appear to produce a working copy while downloading via my dialup connection? And how will future downloads of the Free edition work? Will there still be an issue downloading via my dialup connection?
  3. Support ticket has been generated. Thanks! EDIT: Downloaded, installed and ran the Professional version 6.0.1212 of SUPERAntiSpyware with no problems at all! So this seems to confirm that there is a problem with the installer of the Free version.
  4. There are no other anti-malware and no other firewalls running (apart from Windows 7 firewall) while attempting to install SUPERAntiSpyware. My system has been scanned for malware using MalwareBytes Antimalware, version 6.0.1210 of SUPERAntiSpyware, and version of AdwCleaner. There was no (significant) malware found, so it is unlikely that some malware may be causing issues. I've downloaded version 6.0.1212 of SAS from another site as well, but continue to have installation problems for this version of SAS. Earlier versions of SUPERAntiSpyware from 6.0.1210 and lower, can be installed without any problem. Therefore all this suggests there is an issue with the installer for the free version 6.0.1212 of SUPERAntiSpyware(?)
  5. Thanks for the response. Trying to install the free version. The installer was downloaded directly from this (SUPERAntiSpyware) website. Uninstalled previous versions of SAS using the system Control Panel. But after experiencing installation difficulties with version 6.0.1212, SAS uninstallers were downloaded from this website, and applied. However installation of version 6.0.1212 would still not install! A video and/or a screenshot of what happens may be difficult due to the very short duration of what appears on screen while attempting to install version 6.0.1212 of SAS. What happens is that after clicking the installer, a brief very small message box usually appears stating something about the files being extracted. This message box displays for about 1 second and then disappears. Nothing further is displayed, and there seems to be no further activity. The installation of SAS just seems to stop. Considering that I'm on a slow dialup connection, a possibility is that the downloaded file may have been corrupted while downloading despite using a download manager. I'll try downloading version 6.0.1212 again using another download manager and try installing the latest version once again. I'll report back as soon as possible. EDIT: Re-downloaded the free version of SAS from this website. But there was still issues installing the program. The installer extracted the files and the following message box appeared which was supposed to display the license agreement. Note that the license details are missing!? After continuing the installation, the installation stopped with an error message appearing (as shown below in the other screenshot). So SAS was not installed in the end. It seems that there may be a problem with the free version of the installer(?)
  6. No comment from any SUPERAntiSpyware representative? Are SAS developers even aware of this issue of being unable to install version 6.0.1212?
  7. Running Windows 7 64 bit. SUPERAntiSpyware version 6.0.1204 which I have also, installs OK. The installation file extracts/unpacks and then the main installation dialog box appears and eventually version 6.0.1204 is installed without issue. Another earlier version (6.0.1194) can also be installed without problem. Completely uninstalled the earlier versions (6.0.1024, and 6.0.1194) before trying to install the latest version (6.0.1212). As per the title, I can't seem to install version 6.0.1212 of SUPERAntiSpyware. It appears the installation file is (trying to) unpack/extract and then nothing else seems to happen? Nothing appears in the task/tray area, no icon on the desktop, nothing. Checked installed programs via Control Panel, and SUPERAntiSpyware was not installed!? Is there some problem with the installer? Or? EDIT: Tried installing SAS version 6.0.1212 on Windows XP, but SAS also failed to install. Downloaded and successfully installed SAS version 6.0.1210, both under Windows 7 and Windows XP. All this suggests that there may be a problem with the 6.0.1212 installer(?)
  8. Tried updating definitions several times via the program over a period of 2 or 3 days, but still receive error message(s) after a few percent of downloading. Although my dial-up connection is slow, it rarely cuts off, and I'm usually able to download very large files (MB) with no problem, although it will take awhile to complete the downloads. Maybe a server issue with "Mirror 1"?
  9. Recently installed the free version of SUPERAntiSpyware (V Always get error messages when trying to update database/definitions via the program and the updates are not completed. Updating will usually show some few percent downloaded before the download stops and error messages appear. Running Windows 7 x64 SP1 and using dial-up internet connection, which means the connection is slow but is usually reliable. Fortunately the updated definitions etc files are available as a seperate package which is downloaded fine via a download manager. But updating via the program is a problem!? Would the dial-up connection be part of the problem?
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