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  1. QUite concerned about this finding from SAS report on known/unknown prgs running on my PC. As you know, I have been using SAS since about 2006 and trust my PC's life withit. However, today after running the prg from SAS, I was shocked to see there was a "WINDOWS CERTIFICATE -- INVALID". Report Title. Looked it up could not find anyway to check-it, from MS. I'm quite concerned. About 2007 I had a serious infection of some sort, then protected by Mca'Fee. Ran a few online prgs to find it, nothing did, until, I ran SUPERAntiSpyware..found-it, a few minutes later reported found, removed. As you know I have been a superfan eversince, telling anybody (Friends on FB with problems, to Run SAS). I'm quite concerned about SAS report today there is a WINDOWS INVALID CERTIFICATE. And I cannot find an answer at MS Site either. Ran their special one-time diagnosis, nothing. Was hacked last week on FB..to a terrible degree..comments made to a few female fb friends which one of witch I read..vulgar. Reported it the Canadian Police Force and Facebook. But shoot, how can I use something to find out how they? piggy-backed my login? It's happened a few times the last 6-8 years with my screen flashing three-four times after. The last two times, shut-down my 1600.00 Vostro (for good) and the Last my 4700C. Any advice from you guys or customer base would be most respectfully be appreciated. Thank You, Scott
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