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  1. Hi GS. The last one of the two downloads I tried was "Malewarebytes Anti-Malewareversion". Suddenly, and after I wrote to you for help here, it actually came up with a warning of a PUP and a description of where it was. I followed the string and found two folders with connection to Browser Warden. I deleted both and then ran both SAS and CCleaner and they came up with nothing. I have now restarted my PC and it looks like the Browser Warden is gone! I no longer have ads all over and there are no links to ads in the text on every page I visit. Thank you for the abbreviations list, everything gets a meaning when you know what it actually means. In Norway we learn Queens English at school and my working language has been English for many years. Thank you for trying to help me. I hope I won’t need your help with anything like this again but if I do I’ll certainly know where to go! Thanks again! Hiawata.
  2. Hi there all. Somehow I managed to get this "Browser Warden" (http://browserwarden.com/settings.php) installed on my PC. Now I have adds all over the pages when I'm on internet and random words in the texts are higligted and when my mouse touches them an add pops up. I opened the uninstal program in my control panel and uninstalled the "Browser Warden" there but it did not help. In Internet options I have tried to reset the settings and I have searched online where I find there are loads of pages that promisses help and I have even tried two of them but without luck and I'm actually not sure if they are there to help me!? I saw the post over and hoped to find a solution here but I cannot even understand what you are talking about. SAS, PUP .... huh? Please can you try to explane to me how I can remove this ****? Please beare in mind that I'm totaly without knowledge within this field and you need to explain thurrow, slowly and with pictures! Also please excuse my poor English! (I'm from Norway). I'm awaiting your reply!
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