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  1. Ok thanks! Looks like safe mode is the only solution here, until you guys find a way to fix it up! You can close the thread now if you want. ☺
  2. Hi, ok thanks I have opened a support ticket with them - hopefully this issue gets resolved so I may find out what is causing it and get rid of it if it is actual malware force crashing SUPERAntiSpyware from scanning after 6 hrs straight..... Or it might just be a bug that your scanner can't handle more than 1 million files? Or at least a very large amount of files as my scan settings are set to be as thorough as possible, ie do NOT skip files larger than 4MB, do NOT skip non executable files as examples..... I have linked them to this thread so they will know what I'm talking about and who I am...hehee... Thanks!
  3. After attempting to scan 7 drives for any malware that SUPERAntiSpyware can pick up and remove before I execute them by accident unknowingly and infect my own computer, it just pops up with a error form say something happened and I needed to submit the report so that they can fix it up......but I can't as the computer is being scanned offline and therefore I can't really send the error report on the same PC.....if I can somehow take that error report from it and send it from a computer that DOES have internet connection - that could work...though I have no idea where the error reports are stored if they are even stored at all..... This is happened three times, so it either appears the scanner can't scan any longer than 6 hrs straight or else it will crash with an error report OR the program is NOT designed as a comprehensive anti-malware suite to remove ALL malware from the system and I should be using something else if scanning 7 drives with over 1 million files............. I've already gone through a Kaspersky scan and that came clean, Malwarebytes picked up a few backdoors and I removed them and now SUPERAntiSpyware which is my next step in line after Malwarebytes to pick up whatever those two couldn't but I can't even finish the scan without it crashing saying oh you have an error and the program cannot continue - would you like to submit this bug report? window....
  4. Cool thanks, no longer picks up after extracting the rar fie again.
  5. Attached is an extracted rar file - nevermind about that either, it would appear I am *not* allowed to upload files on my thread post...but you can still grab the file off that link though.... from another rar file that I downloaded from this direct link: http://www.gamepatchplanet.com/game/download/ds.php?p=OIL.RUSH.V1.0.AND.V1.01.PLUS.2.TRAINER.BY.Burmass.rar&t=YTo0OntzOjQ6InRpbWUiO2k6MTQ2Nzc5MjkxMTtzOjQ6Imhhc2giO3M6NDA6ImQ5M2YwNzFjMmFkNjIxYjk2YmRmOTU4MDYzMWUzMzNlM2UzNmEwMTkiO3M6NjoiY3Rva2VuIjtzOjMyOiJhZTYzNGYwYmUwZmEwMTExMTU3OGE3MWM2OTQzNzk4MSI7czo2OiJzdG9rZW4iO3M6MzI6IjgyOGJjZTc1M2JjMGQ1OWE5NDgyYzMyYWRlNDFjMTkzIjt9 Nevermind, I just tested to link to see if it still works but they seems to have disabled direct linking, so I will refer you to the page of where I first got it from(second page actually, first would be the google search): http://www.gamepatchplanet.com/game/oil_rush The one you're looking for is this: Anyways, the site owner believes any pickups are false positives, you were one of them - upon scanning my system it picked the exe file and then quarantined it. Oh and here's a virustotal scan: https://virustotal.com/en/file/e934c283ea48ca80a9ce1881044d9a1b53a02dd21e0cf07893072b9fc969352b/analysis/ So I'm just here to report to you guys to see if you are able to whitelist this or fix it up somehow so that it doesn't turn up as trojan. So yeah, if you can shed any light on this, that'll be awesome!
  6. Here: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2d7a0337c13247ca43e64297d8e703f722fb52e1e70d7d0e669a7cffdc682627/analysis/, that should be it as it is the same SHA256 hash I put in the file name of my thread post(too lazy to go and find the file(it's on another computer which isn't turned on and it's not my laptop either) and re-upload to scan ). And this is the exe file in the zip folder: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/ef4990cfbaedb659e1cfdf04a3bab703644b38f730925dd66df04c40eb466339/analysis/ I didn't re-scan it, only did the zip file it was in. But SUPERAntiSpyware picks it up if I do a scan on the zip file. Would you like me to upload and re-scan the two files(the zip file and the exe file within the zip file)?
  7. Hi, I found another false positive a couple or so days ago(after having done a full system scan - as I haven't done that in ages). It was confirmed with Virustotal.com(apparently one said something on that but that's also a false positive that they'll have to fix) and GoG support tech that no games they host contains any virus/malware as they've obviously check them before releasing them for download. Therefore this must be a false positive. Please take a look at attachment for illustration purposes.
  8. Ah, beautiful; it works now! Thanks!
  9. Hi, I think this is a false positive. Attached is a screenshot of SUPERAntiSpyware's pro active scanner. My friend(s) want me to play some Archeage but I can't because my SUPERAntiSpyware marks it as a trojan and then blocks it from running and the game needs that for it work. According to what I've been told, Hackshield is a program to prevent cheating in multiplay. Similar to Steam's VAC and other games that make use of PunkBuster and the likes. So I'm not sure why it's been blocked unless it *is* doing malicious tasks that looked very suspiciouse to SUPERAntiSpyware and it blocked it for my safety. I hope we get to the bottom of this as I would like to bypass this obstacle to play some Archeage with my mates! thanks, Newbie12
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