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  1. No, not at all. But you were still awesome to try to help.
  2. You've been awesome! Thank you so much for all the help!
  3. Ok, thank you, I will do that. Still getting the same cookies with SAS, had 71 this morning and 60 now. I guess if they aren't bothering anyone I'll have to ignore them? Just bugs me. lol
  4. Ok, I see. I had recently downloaded Chrome because I needed to access a magazine I purchased on zinio. But that seemed to be around when all the problems got worse so I uninstalled it and zinio. The only one that I should have is IE.
  5. Thanks for sticking with me! Ok, offline, I reran SAS, had 71 cookies, most were the same as before. I removed and reran and got 0! I opened the IE to look at my email, then ran SAS again and had 18, again mostly the same. I didn't got to any sites at all except yahoo for my email. Except, that I'm getting more spam than usual so I have been actively unsubscribing to them, I'm not sure where the are coming from in the first place. Can hitting unsubscribe and going to the ad's unsubscribe page be putting them back on? A lot of the ones I am unsubscribing to are the same ones over and over again.
  6. Sorry, this took a while. I might have made a mistake, I told it to quarrantine the files. It says it quarantined 9 files. There are 13 detected, and everything is off the list but one. The one that starts with: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18. Hope I didn't screw that up. Here is the report:
  7. Wait, I see now. I'm running the Emsisoft, I didn't see it before on my desktop. I did a search of the GS.Enabler, it doesn't have a program attached to it so I don't thin it is showing up as a program I can remove, even though I can see it is in the Program file.
  8. Well, I ran the Emsisoft download, it extracted some files, but a log never came up automatically like the others. Do I have to pull that from somewhere? I've looked in my control panel and GS.Enabler is not showing in the list of programs that I can uninstall. Would it show as something else?
  9. hum, I clicked the pic (both to be sure) says I don't have permission to view the attachment. I'm not sure what red boxes you mean. Just to be sure, I rebooted, didn't open any browser, ran the spyware software, got 29 threats to remove. Removed those, reran right away and had 14 to remove. I saved the scan logs. I'm confused. My computer crashed yesterday (blue screen) and seems to be running slower. I'm getting a ton of spam too, more than usual. I'm sorry this is probably something simple that I've done.
  10. Well, I hit continue, and then it says they are all removed. Then I run it again and they are still there or come back right away. Always the same ones.
  11. Thank you. I am closing the browser, in fact I run the spyware as soon as l log on before I open anything. Remove the threats, and immediately run it again and the same threats show up.
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