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  1. Hi GS, I have tried disabling "Skip inside Zip files". The Complete scan still (and most often) does not finish. Occasionally, with persistence, it does manage its' way to the end and allow me to resolve any detections it may have collected. Quick scan works fine but is not as reassuring as a complete scan of course. I still suspect Windows 10 has something to do with it. This PC has had to have compatible hardware replaced for me to continue with Win 10. This issue sometimes occurs on my laptop too, but much less often.


    Thank you for your emailed personal advice. I assure you it is not my intent to be abrasive or irritable. I have high regard for the SAS Pro utility and gave been using it for a number of years. I have not had too much difficulty with SAS in the past. Therefore I am not very familiar with the formality and protocol of these forums. Which could be considered a positive for the SAS product review wouldn't one think? I'd rather not have to hang around here too often.


    This PC is my last "build-from-scratch". Decent laptops after this station becomes extinct, (if I don't expire first). I retired from a career in CAD and jewelry model making in 2012.

    Thanks again GuiltySpark.

  2. Win 10, desktop PC, "ASUS Z97-A USB 3.1", i7-4770K, 32GB DDR3, Kingston HyperX system SSD, other backup drives.

    SAS Pro Version 6.0.1216, Database Version 12578


     Had this problem for a month or so: When attempting a full - Complete Scan, Maximum boost, whether or not Rescue Scan is enabled,  SAS frequently does not manage to progress to end. Sometimes indicating that cookies or whatever has been found, but the program has to close and nothing can be done to resolve the detections. I do have one backup drive that is Bit Locked, but even when I open it for a scan session, SAS still fails. It has prompted to submit a report many times and I have complied but I do not see any corrections or improvements coming from SAS. Quick scan manages to finish, but Complete Scan will not. It doesn't keep a log file of the faulty scan session. Anyone having this issue?



  3. Well, guess there's no sense in whipping a horse with a bad leg. My issues are pretty much what others here are experiencing. I'll just wait and see what results are posted. To clarify: from this PC, SAS all of a sudden will not manage a complete scan. Scan is stopped about three quarters into progress. Sometimes indicating a number of detections before shutting down but unable to continue. Downloading updates sometimes indicates database is corrupted. Quick Scan functions OK. I've uninstalled, restarted, removed all registry remnants w/ CCleaner, reinstalled and rescanned. Same results. Has been this way for about two days.

    SAS Pro, (167 days remaining on subscrip.)

    Version 6.0.1216

    Database Vers: 12512

    Win 10 Pro 64Bit

    Unfortunately removed all event reports.

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