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  1. Thanks again for your assistance, GuiltySpark. Your combination of knowledge, patience, and fast response is rare these days. I sincerely hope I never have need to access this forum again, but if I do, I hope you're around. Number8
  2. Wrap Up: I didn't know I had Wild Tangent. Thanks for the warning. I found it in the HP Games folder. I uninstalled the entire folder. The system is doing fine. Time to restart is at least as good as it was before. I do have some questions though. 1. Malwarebytes was corrupted by the virus and still won't run. Since I now have SAS Pro installed, I was thinking of just uninstalling MWB. Do you know of any reason why I would want both on the same machine? 2. Norton 360 seems to be doing its job. Do you think the virus might have corrupted it? 3. I use a USB as offline backup for documents and pictures. Should I reformat it and reload the backup files in case it was affected? 4. At least one of the Trojans was in the Canon printer folder. Did it chose that folder at random, or is it possible that Canon software calls home from time to time, opening a back door? 5. I bought and installed SAS after the computer was infected. Is there a simple explanation as to why SAS did not find the virus when I ran it? 6. Can you be more specific about what changes I might want to make with MSConfig? Thanks for all your help on this. Obviously, I couldn't have done it without you.
  3. Ran AdwCleaner. AdwCleaner(R1).txt is before the clean, AdwCleaner(S0).txt is after. When I ran Clean, it restarted the computer, so I don't know if AdwCleaner was deleted, but I can't find it. Kaspersky TDSSKiller Antirootkit utility: Processed: 461, Found: 0 threats CCleaner Pro - updated it, then ran for cookies only. Deleted the following cookies. Internet Explorer - Cookies 1,123 files Applications - Office 2013 11 files Multimedia - Adobe Flash Player 303 files Utilities - SUPERAntiSpyware 6 files Windows - MS Search 1 file DDS logs attached. AdwCleanerR1.txt AdwCleanerS0.txt Attach 3.txt DDS 3.txt
  4. Quarantine complete. One of the Trojans required a reboot to kill. When the computer restarted, it seemed to start in the normal amount of time and all occurrences of Yvirtcikstd.exe were gone. I created a ESET SysRescue USB and restarted the computer, F9, with it. The update failed because I wasn't connected to the Internet. Results: 51 min, 219,368 objects, 0 Infections. It looks like I may have a clean machine. What do you think?
  5. Emergency Kit Scanner complete. It found 3 minor items and 3 occurrences of: Trojan.GenericKD.1944315 ( Should I quarantine these items before moving on to your next request? a2scan_141026-111705.txt
  6. At the moment, there are 12, I've seen less and I've also seen more. The biggest one at the moment is 417,736kb. A bit of good news. I found that by hitting Pause, then Restart, I would get a few more pcts of download before it froze again. After doing that several times, I was able to get 100% and am now running the Start Emergency Kit Scanner full.
  7. Thanks for the help. Attached is the AdwCleaner report. I am trying to download Emsisoft Emergency Kit, but Yvirtcikstd.exe is hogging my machine (constant 50%-85% CPU usage.) The download is currently stuck at 72% after 20 minutes. I'll let it remain as is for now. AdwCleanerR0.txt
  8. Thanks for the come back. I emailed the files to an uninfected computer and am attaching them as you requested. Attach.txt DDS.txt
  9. Select All, copy, Paste, is something I've done a thousand times, but never from an infected computer to this forum. Something is different somewhere. Thanks for the offer, but I can't help at this point. I do see seven occurrences of the following: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\LocalLow\EmieSiteList\Ybdnvrikj\ufdlkrlscpc\Yvlrcikstd.exe Sorry I can't be more help.
  10. Sorry, but I'm new to this. I have the DDS-Notepad and the Attach - Notepad, but Copy and Paste won't work here for some reason.
  11. Yesterday, several occurrences of Yvirtcikstd.exe were loaded onto my computer. I believe it is an adware virus. Malwarebytes was installed but didn't detect it. Today I bought and ran a full scan of SAS Pro. It recognized 54 cookies, but not the virus. I deleted the cookies and reran SAS Pro. This time it found 142 cookies, but not the virus. I can't find Yvirtcikstd.exe anywhere on the Internet either. I am not a techie. Anyone know why SAS Pro won't recognize this?
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