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  1. Sorry to be so slow getting back to you, but it seems to have straightened itself out over the weekend. The only thing that still bugs me is that the program gets blocked on startup and I have to allow the blocked program to run when it didn't use to do that. I can live with that if I have to. The program seems to be doing what it's supposed to once it's open and in the tray. I can right click and get the menu now to update or scan other then the scheduled scans.
  2. Since I've installed the latest update V6.0.XXXX, my computer is blocking it on startup (UAC). Microsoft Vista SP2. Also when I OK the program to start, it goes in my tray at the lower right of the sreen like it always did but you can't open it from the tray. I don't know if the real time protection is working. I tried the alternate start using the DOS option but I still have trouble doing anything from the tray icon. I've uninstalled it several times and re-installed but always the same. It worked fine for the last 2 years until I went to the v6.0.XXXX. Any suggestions to fix it?
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