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  1. Thank you for the assistance! Did the re-install first thing this morning and in the last 6 hours haven't noticed the issue occurring once. Happy Happy Joy Joy
  2. Alright thanks! Out of time tonight but will have to do this tomorrow. Love SAS, just a bit annoying when hourly things seem to lock up. As well, a bit more info, the two apps I run nearly 24/7 that I notice this with are Open Office (4.1.1) in Word Processing and Spreadsheet modes, as well the Kindle for PC reader app (1.10.8 build 40514)
  3. SAS Professional (6.0.1146) Running under Win7 sp1 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601)
  4. As to removing cookies and unwanted software SAS is working as promised and I have no issues. What is causing me a bit of frustration is that SAS grabs the system focus every-time it checks for updates, and again when it pops up the notice of an update. I will be typing away on a blog or doc, and suddenly all the text drops into limbo, I click in the supposedly active window only to have the text lost again shortly later as the little alert box pops up announcing New Definitions Downloaded. I want the updated definitions, but why does SAS NEED to grab the system focus to check for an update? I also run Malwarebytes and ZoneAlarm Extreme Suite and they update just fine totally in the background. So, can SAS be modified to leave the focus on the active window, or is their an overriding reason it has to grab the focus and not release it automatically?
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