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  1. Thanks for your help. Why Customer Service couldn't have done that in the first place is incomprehensible. I suppose you have to take it public to the forum when a ticket isn't being answered. Good to know. Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter.
  2. I've submitted my very first ticket, received the email acknowledgment from SAS and yet over 24 hours later my ticket has had no email response. When I click 'refresh' on the submit page it tells me that my ticket hasn't even been read! Why? You're supposed to prioritise paying customers' tickets. I did not pay for SAS Professional to have such indifferent customer service. I don't expect a SUPER fast response but I do expect you to adhere to your own terms - 24/7 - paying customers tickets are dealt with before non-paying. Even non-paying customers (I used to be one) have their tickets answered within 24 hours. Any response from SAS for a loyal customer like myself? Anyone??????
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