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  1. The pop up message is still showing for me after the update. Just as an fyi, I'm using Windows 10
  2. Hey all, just wanted to chime in as the same thing is happening with me. The "Startup Item Added!" notification started popping up a couple days ago. I've had the pro version of SAS for years and had never seen this. Scans from SAS, MBAM, and McAfee came up clean. The upload feature was buggy for me too so I just posted it online. Please see the screen grab from the link below.Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Hello All, I'm currently using the free and most up to date version of SaS. This morning it reported that I had a Trojan.Agent Gen-Nullo [short]. Unfortunately, shortly after catching this trojan, the scan crashes. This happens consistently and it also took place while running the scan in Safe Mode. I tried doing a Windows restore to a point about 1.5 months ago. However, when I did that my MBAM was no longer working and Google Chrome wouldn't open. I figured it was better just to revert back to my current point and work toward removing the virus and getting SaS to work again. I'd greatly appreciate any assistance anyone on this forum can offer. All the best, DH
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