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  1. Call of duty black ops 2 game detect as trojan, please fix it ASAP! The application is streaming-assets-call_of_duty_black_ops_2_multiplayer.18975565.exe Herdprotect scan >> http://www.herdprotect.com/streaming-assets-call_of_duty_black_ops_2_multiplayer.18975565.exe-4b910fc50024c0bb10985be268d1c5655eec74a9.aspx Virustotal.com >> https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/92a51d428e174c13fd1617086446001e3ec0cddcf38e6589f55c05d6b067bb2e/analysis/
  2. SUPERAntiSpyware detect GPU-Z Uninstall.exe is PUP on 11598 database please fix! Virustotal.com result >>> https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/dd30619ce69862f678b506ceb49118c7913f25605c8522abf909e312ebefea47/analysis/1415478632/
  3. That will void his warranty if he still have some left. I would recommend you talk to your manufacture and tell them you need replacement or RMA your laptop because is overheating. Also, i recommend you do some couple of anti-malware scan before you reformat your os.
  4. Or it could be his laptop overheating sorta. Iobit product contains virus if i remember since in the past i have ESET Smart Security suite and then i download the iobit update and somehow ESET said is contain viruses. Also, my best guess for him is to reformat his os so he can start from the scratch if he already done the advanced systemcare scan and allow it to fix. Never use any registry cleaner tools or defragment because if there something wrong with your registry then you will have a big time.
  5. Good to hear you got your computer back up and running! For your security purposes i highly recommends Emsisoft Anti-Malware for your antivirus because this software detects 98% - 99% and being rated as advanced+ on AV Comparative testing lab organization and somehow is managed to beat Kaspersky and Bitdefender which is shocked me as well. Unfortunately, this software is paid version and is only cost $40 for 1 year and you can choose two different versions which is antivirus or internet security suite and both of them cost the same price!. Just a little side note that Emsisoft is dual scanner engines, one of them is Emsisoft Anti-Malware engine which is superior than MalwareBytes engine, and the other is Bitdefender Antivirus engine, so that will lock you down for sure.
  6. Okay, let me guess you download PUPs application and then you came here to complain SAS not able to detect PUPs? Have you check scan for unwanted programs when you perform a scan? Matter of fact, AVG should prevent PUPs get on your system when you runs the downloader. Avast can detect PUPs so my best guess is to uninstall AVG and get AVAST 2015 free. Also for your cleaning removal, 152 PUPs is a lot and some of them might contains spyware that you don't even know, so i recommends you to download AdwCleaner, Emsisoft Emergency kit, and HitmanPro to check up on your system. Just a little side not, AVG have a symptom that let users install malicious software and then detect them, and that's why i recommend you install AVAST because AVASt unlike AVG that can detect malicious and unwanted software when you click "download" or "installing" button from the site or when you click save or run.
  7. I recommend you download MalwareBytes,HitmanPro,Emsisoft Emergency Kit,and AdwCleaner to scan your PC, and remember no single software will able detect anything that is why other people install on demand scanner tools such as malwarebytes and hitmanpro to check and made sure their main antivirus doesn't miss detect anything. Also for your situation i believe all the tools i listed will able to remove this hijacker browser and you won't know it until you ran the scan.
  8. The SASCore service is the only service that will give you software update notification every time you runs SAS. So my bet is to allow SAS core service start and set it to automatically and there will be no software update message every time you runs SAS. I tried it and I found out that when I disable the service it will give me software update message every time I runs SAS, and after that I switch it back to automatically and start the service it no longer give me software update. Go to service > SASCore server > Start and set it to start automatically.
  9. Waiting for a week and did not receive SAS 6.0.1158 version update. Right now I am currently running SAS FREE 6.0.1146 with 11539 database. So when the SAS 6.0.1158 go live?
  10. So to sum it up, AdwCleaner from bleepingcomputer.com is safe? And virustotal.com result of AdwCleaner is false positive?
  11. But how come virustotal.com result show 2/55 of AdwCleaner?
  12. Is AdwCleaner on Bleepingcomputer.com safe?
  13. Weird, because my SAS Free never use more than 50% if it not scanning, also can you make sure that there is no other program or software running in the background that using amount of huge CPU usage?
  14. Well, you need to turn off Windows defender real time and uncheck turn on this app before installing Avast! and that is what I am doing first before installing AV.
  15. I have Avast! Pro Antivirus(Real time protection enable) + MalwareBytes Antimalware FREE(on demand scan) + SAS FREE(On demand scan). Also @bigfan_24 You can't uninstall Windows Defender because is part of Microsoft built in security tools.
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