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    SAS Home Screen

    Thanks Dave! I'll give it a try.
  2. rawhunger

    SAS Home Screen

    Hi again, Dave: There is no shortcut for SAS in my Start Menu's Startup folder. Startup scanning is not enabled. Now, I do miss scheduled automatic updates, and the option to check for updates if the schedule was missed is checked (WAS checked... I just disabled it). But even when I don't miss a scan, the Home Screen STILL launches when Windows starts up. Do you think I should re-install SAS?
  3. rawhunger

    SAS Home Screen

    Hi Dave. Thanks for the reply. No, that option is enabled as well. I don't know what else could be the problem.
  4. rawhunger

    SAS Home Screen

    Every time Windows starts up the SAS Home Screen pops up. It didn't do this before the recent update. I wnat SAS to start up with Windows, but I don't want the Home Screen to pop up every startup. And yes, the "Show splash screen at startup" option is unchecked. Any ideas?