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  1. I tried Adware without thinking and now I have a lavasoft At least it removed outbox, but it also removed Pokki Now I'm trying CCleaner
  2. As the title says when I downloaded SAS and when I try to install it I get the User account control, I click yes then I get the message "Initializing setup, please wait" then boooooom!! nothing (tried a dozen times only to get the same thing) Tried the portable version (searched for a solution and got that suggestion online) but that tells me that H RegDeleteValeuW.DLL is missing and that I need to reinstall the program (nevermind that I haven't installed it yet) While I'm here can someone tell me if outbox is a malware (I didn't install it, it just came like a maleware), it keeps giving me hotlinks on places like Wikipedia! and even regular pop-ups on the TOR browser Oh and I use Avast (Free version) for my Windows 8 (64 bits even though some websites say that its 32 bits)
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