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  1. My dear MLTP, I have SAS of course, SpywareBlaster, AVG 2015, Emisisoft Emergency Kit, Eset, TDSSKiller, MBAM and WinPatrol - I don`t want any more useless AV/Malware programs, thank you very much. None of these fantastic programs even sniffed a PUP or infection except MBAM which copped the lot in one foul swoop. Like I have just said, the party is over, my system is now clean and I have nothing more to either learn or say about this wretched business. One thing I have learnt is that none of the programs you mention or which I have already got except MBAM are any use against PUP`s. I tried Hitman Pro some months ago and found it a complete waste of space. The matter is now closed on my part, but one thing I would finally say is that if a malware program has an option to detect PUP`s then it should detect them. What MBAM can do with outstanding perfection, every other program can do. I thank you all for your comments and dearly hope that SAS will now adjust their program to do a much better job in terms of PUP detection. It has all been a surprising experience after 12 years plonking the keys to find out exactly what all these credible and popular malware programs do not pick up. Over that long period, you name it and I`ve seen it, smelt it and felt it, but none of us ever stop learning. Obviously, MBAM will now become Teachers Pet in view of its marvellous performance. Thank you all for coming to the party. Until we meet again, Auf Wiedersehen.
  2. I used SAS`s PUP detector option and it found nothing. Up until now I have used SAS regularly as a manual scanner, bearing in mind that nothing gets past Sandboxie unless I let it and OK, none of us are infallible, so downloads I can only trust in the absence of any suspicion can contain crap that is not easy to detect. We all do it, not just me. I trusted Softonic but after finding they had soaked my system with crap, including an illegal entry in my Firefox profile, I nw regard them as nothing more than a malware and hijacking organisation. Anyhow, mainly due to MBAM, the party is over and my system is now clean. The rest is history.
  3. TEE-HEE that`s quite funny. But you see, you are sitting on your rock far too interested in that bone you are gnawing at instead of paying attention to my ranting. I understand how PUP`s get in, but none of us are perfect, I hang my head in shame. Oh yes, back to my point or rather the point you have missed - I may be guilty of letting all these yapping PUP`s into my system and create chaos, but SAS, our great malware defender of all that is good, the bad man`s bad news, never even sniffed any of this herd of PUP`s. So whilst I, a mere mortal am obviously guilty of gross negligence, SAS even is worse - it is of no practical value whatsoever. It would not know a PUP from a POP.. Thank the Lord for MBAM.
  4. It would be nice if somebody had answered my simple 3 questions, but alas it is not to be. My point which obviously nobody has cared to digest is that SAS never picked up anything and yet my PC was infected by Softonic, SafeSearch, Smartbar, Snap.do, Bubble.dock and a few other nasties. NO, it was not a wreck or the result of my negligence, it was simply that these nasties had crept through my security when I had to access the Internet without using Sandboxiie for specific reasons and had been there for many months, undetected and none of my malware programs had ever found them, including SAS. Softonic ( a notorious malware and virus source) had crept into my Firefox profile folder and inserted a bug which hijacked the startpage, besides placing a whole load of PUP`s on my PC. SAS was no use at all. But my salvation arrived in the form of MBAM, which picked up 152 PUP`s and enabled me to track down the Firefox profile bug and delete it. After few final check scans with MBAM, my machine is now as clean as a whistle with no infections at all shown by either MBAM or any of my other malware programs, including SAS. So all is well that ends well, thanks to MBAM and no thanks at all to SAS and the other programs I have, including AVG 2015 my main online AV program. Oh - just a small clarification for the benefit of the kind person who accused me of ranting. Here it is :- When a descriptive, intelligent and perhaps technical script is not fully understood by a much lesser intelligent individual, then the best they can often do is accuse the writer of ranting. It is a form of capitulation expression used by those not so intellectually blessed as others. Ah well, as we know, all men are not equal unfortunately. I very much doubt if that kind person will understand a word of this post either.
  5. What use is it placing questions on this Forum when nobody comments or answers them ? Not a lot. Just for all your information, repeated scans by SAS revealed nothing, yet a serious known malware and virus merchant called Softonic had infected my PC via Firefox so badly that the Homepage at startup was changed to display complete rubbish. Well here is the answer :- Never mind wasting your time with SAS, use MBAM to clean your system. After several scans, MBAM found 152 PUP`s plus a few other threats, including that scourge of the Internet Softonic, who had inserted a file into my Firefox profile folder, which activated on browser opening. I quarantined the lot and later deleted all of them, including Softonic`s illegal profile tampering. When I did a final scan with MBAM, it was perfectly clean and my Firefox is now back to normal with Google as my Homepage at startup. I now see nothing wrong anywhere on my PC thanks to MBAM.. Hope you all enjoyed that.
  6. See - http://www.ehow.com/how_7424928_remove-safe-search.html I use Chrome as my default browser and have had no problems, but when I checked my Firefox, the Homepage had been changed from Google to SafeSearch. I have frequently scanned my PC with SAS and it has found nothing to do with any of the Safesearch data listed in the link. To follow the removal instructions in the link looks very tedious and one would expect an AV/malware program to do this as part of its routine detection. Question 1 Does SAS detect SafeSearch as browser highjacking malware ? Question 2 If YES to question 1, why has it not detected this highjacker on my PC and prevented it from changing the Firefox Homepage ? Question 3 If NO to question 1, then why not ?
  7. Keep to the subject and forget whether there was only one or no browsers years ago. Never mind the numbers, they are only guide lines of conversation to emphasize the issue, not legal statements We are not discussing a history lesson of browser evolution. To ease your concern with my highly exaggerated and obviously inaccurate comments, I will humble myself and correct my dreadful error - how about 20 years ago - OOPS ! I am so sorry, perhaps it is only 19 years ago to be precise.. Just face the fact that SAS is 2 decades behind the times in using IE as a basic browser. See if you can come up with some constructive and informative comments on that and we may get somewhere. Finally, here are some more numbers thrown at the wall - with Chrome having a rapidly growing 39-49 % global market share, why waste time in having the ancient IE - a rapidly declining market browser - as the corner stone of your bread winning program ? It is not beyond the artistry of programmers to use the default browser for Homepage protection. Some programs already do use default browsers as their reference. Identify the default browser from the Windows system, locate the Homepage, then lock it.
  8. Thanks Dave for those kind and understanding words. I knew after much messing around on the web and playing hijacker with my own system, that SAS and all similar Homepage hijack protection programs are 40 years out of date by their singular inclusion of IE, as a legacy from their historic glory days. OK, it is a very good point that if SAS puts up an alert panel when the IE Homepage is being tampered with, then you know the Bogey Man is about and you can then check your other browsers to see if they are still OK. By the way, the little Scottie of WinPatrol also barks and puts up an alert panel when IE is being changed. So I get both a SAS and a Scottie panel. But Dave, a change to my IE browser does not affect either Chrome or Firefox at all - they do not all change to the same Homepage as the new IE page. I have done this many times and both Chrome and Firefox stay put. A final word Dave, look on the bright side - almost all similar programs, some of them very well known and highly popular, still use IE with a declining global market share of 12-23 % as their reference browser, regardless of Chrome having a rapidly growing market share of 39-49 % with Firefox having a share of 17-20 % and probably growing. Perhaps they still have time to spend a few bucks and devote some resources on modernizing their programs before it is too late. Thank you for your comments Wittmann
  9. @ Buddahfan Your explanation is convincing, but I am astounded why I can play games with my Firefox and Chrome without SAS bothering to even notice. When I tried to change the homepage URL on SAS, I got a panel up saying that somebody was attempting to change my Homepage on IE ! I have a different Homepage for Chrome, Firefox and IE, but the URL change only referred to IE by an actual panel statement. Until I get specific evidence that SAS protects other browsers than IE, all my comments stand.. We will have to wait until other members post comments. Maybe if you have the same Homepage for alternative browsers as IE, it "appears" to work, simply because SAS detects any change to the common Homepage URL is an IE change, although it may be Firefox that is being tampered with. Different Homepages for each browser, obviously puts SAS on the blink and it only rings a bell when IE is changed. Adjusting a program to detect a default browser is common play, many do this, but you may have to include a configure selection box to tell the program which browser is the default. Simple beans, Sandboxie is one program that detects a default browser as routine. PS - I have just changed Firefox Homepage again - no alert given by SAS. All I have said is proven to be true. SAS = IE Homepage only. Not worth paying for a one horse race. WinPatrol - the little Scottie dog, is also totally devoted to IE and ignores all other browsers. I have yet to find a program that protects the Homepage of alternative browsers. Why the geriatric IE gets all the attention, is beyond my comprehension.
  10. Can you explain that ? I have Chrome and Firefox and I can change their Homepages all day without SAS even noticing. But when I change the IE Homepage, SAS soon puts up an alert. How come your Homepage in Firefox is protected and not mine ? My SAS is categorically totally devoted to IE and nothing else.
  11. I have had SAS Free for quite some time and have just updated it to version 6.0.1108. The new look is fantastic. Also, I use SAS very often for manual sweeper scans to see if anything has got past Sandboxie or crept in when i have had to use an unsandboxed browser. It always comes up clean. This is the bad news :- Homepage Hijack Protection ? What protection ? It`s a joke. SAS is living 30 years out of date, when everybody could only use IE because alternatives were non-existent. Nowadays there are several very popular browsers and many other alternatives. Your so called HP protection applies only to IE, an ancient browser that is struggling to find users. These are the BIG three, Google Chrome, Firefox and then IE. Like many users, I have Chrome as my default browser with Firefox as alternative. IE is on my machine as a Windows legacy. I never use it and all it means to me is an unused icon on my desktop. So what use is the SAS Homepage protection to me ? Absolutely none. The facility is a waste of time. It is my default browser Homepage that I need protecting, not some unused old browser that is never used. I don`t care if Donald Duck hijacks my IE Homepage. I suggest that SAS modify their program to protect the default browser Homepage or to protect whatever URL is entered in the Homepage protection box, regardless of browser. Well, having said that the Homepage protection of SAS is a total waste of time, I sincerely state that SAS in my opinion is a superb anti-malware program, second to none.
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