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  1. I was having same thing, but I did need the upgrade, it's for firefox, which I don't use, but it's upgraded now ,and I'm not getting the popups.
  2. Thanks, so far I have just picked up tracking cookies,my virus protection gets the big stuff, is that how ,it works?
  3. How do I know what default settings are for SAS searches and other boxes?
  4. I am getting popups like crazy, what is going on? I never got pop ups with other services Jim
  5. Was having problems with SAS, slowing computer ,so I uninstalled SAS AND reinstalled it. JIm
  6. My computer was starting to slow down, My 1st scan on SAS erased about 40 things, can't find them, thought they went to quarantine, but they did not, so I uninstalled SAS and will be try something else, Jim
  7. Hi, You have Malware taken care of, but SAS won't get virus protection which is important. I am using Norton Internet Security right now,but am thinking about switching to something else because price has gone up to 79 a year. Avast, MSE, and others have free anti virus. I am on trial for SAS now, and so far, real good, found a lot of adware on first scan. I like the real time protection. I tried Malwarebytes trial, then when it went to free, it never found anything, it was always finding stuff on full use. This looks like it does more,but I don't know how to use everything yet, it fixes stuff, mbam did not do that. But you need to get some virus protection. Jim
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