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  1. To contact the employer kind of defeats the purpose. It would be great to know if your PC is surveilled by Spector360. To uninstall it is easy, just format the PC. But then, your employer will know that you know. Anyway, courts have ruled that the PC and all activity therein belongs to the employer. It's insidious, however, because it's so well hidden and streams back to their servers eery 4 minutes. I sure hate my privacy violated, even if I have nothing to hide. I thought my suggestion was reasonable, otherwise I wouldn't have asked. I am surprised to be replied and dismissed like this. ( Maybe *you* should check with your own employer, that is, if you can tell if your PC is surveilled.)
  2. source: http://www.spector360.com/Resources/OnlineDemos/index.htm SUPERAntiSpyware, can you find a way for end users to detect, reveal and remove the Spector360 spyware? It is completely hidden in Windows by normal means. If any one can crack it, you can.
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