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  1. How do I turn off the Core Service, and can it be tuned on if I want to run SAS?
  2. Thanks. My questions remain: whether the program can be had without the constant popups, and whether it can be used without endandering programs and settings. The version is 5.7.1018
  3. A few months ago, my computer was suffering from effects of malware. I took it to a shop and explained (and wrote out) all the problems to be corrected, and specified everything that needed to be protected and left alone and what kinds of things I didn't want put on my computer. All my instructions and list of problems were disregarded and several cleaning programs were run, When they were done, most of the problems still remained, and I had lost all the programs, settings, and data I had asked specifically to be protected. One of the programs they had run and left installed on my computer was SUPERAntiSpyware. Since then, you would think SUPERAntiSpyware was the computer's primary program, considering it is the first and only program banner that appears every time I boot up, plus an ad for updates pops up next, and repeatedly pops up every hour or so and every time I resume use after a break, needing to be Xed out every time. This is intrusive adware and it has become intolerable. If that cannot be corrected, I want the program off my computer. I have never dared run the program for fear of losing important settings, etc. If the intrusive popups can be eliminated, and I learn that I can run the program without risk, there are problems now for which it may be useful. I thought I'd ask before uninstalling.
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