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    Need help removing malware

    Thanks, please DO let me know if you are able to identify these programs and add to your database. Both are very annoying pop-up programs not found in Control Panel Delete Program function. I believe they instead attach themselves to browsers like Firefox, IE, etc. and annoyingly produce pop-up ads unexpectedly within other programs, Craigslist and eBay to name just two. As I said, I found many 'suggestions" on Google search for removing them, but I don't trust any of them---probably mostly tricks to get you to download programs that only add new problems, not solve old ones.
  2. I use SuperantiSpyware at least weekly, also have Norton as part of my Comcast deal. Nevertheless, two very annoying malware programs have infiltrated my computer: Price Gong, and Deal Finder. Google search suggest many 'programs' to remove them, but I have found many of these programs are just sources to trick you into unknowingly installing even more malware garbage. Can anyone please suggest LEGITIMATE easy-to-understand ways to remove these malware programs? Thanks.