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  1. Fixed. So far it doesn't appear that a reinstall is needed, but I'll see for sure when I reboot & either get a blue screen or don't!
  2. Same problem here. I also had to shut down the service for SAS as it had one of my 4 core's maxed out (probably because MBAM was blocking parts of the program).
  3. Ran fine in safe mode. "Complete scan" did not find any nasties, either. Likely a conflict with another program? The only reason i find that theory odd is because i shut all other security off before running it (in regular mode).
  4. I haven't tried that yet. If it will help to figure this out, I'll try tomorrow.
  5. I assume you're reffering to a Safemode in SAS? How would I enable it?
  6. Version 5.7.1026 Core 11353 Trace 9167 Free XP Pro SP3 Ran update earlier today on 1 of my 2 XP pro boxes. Ever since, I can only run SA for a minute or less, & it completely hoses the computer (screen blanks out) Other security programs appear to be functioning fine. (I do shut them off when I try to scan with SAS). Thanks for any suggestions.
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