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  1. This is in reference to my November 30, 2018 post - Is 8.0.1024 Only for Windows 7 and Above? Where I saw what lead me to interpret that SAS was no longer going to support Windows XP was on the August 9, 2018 post on the SAS Blog. I'd never read the SAS Blog before. I didn't know what type of posts it had. I assumed they were all SAS-related. So, when I read that particular post, I interpreted it to mean that SAS was pulling the plug on Windows XP. I interpreted it as SAS saying that since virtually everyone else was ceasing support for Windows XP ... SAS would follow in the same path. I see now that fortunately, at this time ... that is NOT true. I'll be updating to the latest SAS 8.x a little bit later today. Thank you SAS for not throwing Windows XP to the curb ... at least certainly not for now.
  2. I already read that SAS is no longer going to support Windows XP. However, I never read that 8.0.1024 did not support Windows XP. Right now I'm only assuming that it doesn't. So I haven't even tried to install it on my Windows XP. However, whenever I download definitions updates, I always get the heads up message that a new version is ready for install. If I have 6.0.1264 installed and version 8.0.1024 does not support Windows XP, why am I being prompted if I want to proceed with the install of the new version?
  3. Ohhh, Okay. That's what I wanted to hear ... at least I think. So then it sounds like in a case like mine where I used a very old SAS Setup file to install SAS ... when I have SAS update itself, the really old definitions items won't necessarily be listed there in the latest changelog, but they WILL be included in the update. Thanks!
  4. Either you misunderstood my inquiry or I still don't understand how your SAS definitions update scheme works. Let me try again. Okay, in that link you posted, there is a TON of definitions / items since the 01-26-2014 version of SAS Setup file that I mentioned installing. I would think that if TODAY I were to again uninstall SAS and reinstall that 01-26-2014 version and then proceeded to have SAS update itself ... shouldn't SAS update itself to the absolute latest status, the latest set of definitions that are available at that instant ... with ONE update attempt? Regardless of that that 01-26-2014 SAS Setup file is almost 6 months old, I wouldn't think that I would have to perform several definitions update attempts in order to download and install all the latest definitions. So, again ... if now I can see in that link that there are obviously many definitions items since that 01-26-2014 date of my SAS Setup file, why weren't they ALL downloaded and installed on that 06-16-2014 date that SAS updated itself with only that small 11308 batch of definitions items? What good would it do me to think that my SAS is now fully up to date ... when it sure appears that it is not? What am I missing?
  5. I'm curious about the definitions update scheme of SAS. In recent times, since the latest 2 attempts to update the SAS definitions failed, I decided to uninstall and reinstall SAS on 06-16-2014 morning. The SAS Setup file that I used at the time was one that I've had since 01-26-2014. Since then, I have of course updated the definitions various times with plenty of additional definitions added in that time span. NOW ... why, how is it that after reinstalling that 01-26-2014 version of SAS on this recent 06-16-2014 morning, the only definitions that were added were the ones in the image in the attachment in this post? I know wayyy many more definitions for way many more different types of malware have been added in the previous definitions updates. As you can see in the attachment, the definitions update on 06-16-2014 had only 22 items and only 5 different malware names. Why so few now when I used the same Setup file as before? Something just doesn't add up.
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