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  1. Ok thanks for the help. Will try this and keep an eye out for any future versions with accessibility improvements.
  2. Thanks for the info. Is SAS pro something separate from the free version, or is the silent scanning function something within the free version? If this is the case could you let me know how to set it up so it will be easier for me to detail the process to someone who can help me?
  3. Hi. Normally I would have sent a support ticket for this, but the description section of the form cannot be clicked on using VoiceOver, which relates to my main issue. As implied, I'm legally blind so on the computer I use a screenreader. Some of the functions on superantispyware, such as the all important scanning, are accessible. However there are important parts which are missing from the text when reading with the screenreader; I'm wondering if these are formatted as images. Parts like this include the manage quarantine button and the list of detected objects. Because I can't pick from the list I've just been hitting the remove threats button without selecting anything, which seems to work since the first cleanup was able to show me that the files were removed. My concern now though is that I may be missing information. I ran a second cleanup, unrelated to the first, and it seemed that rather than the removed status the last had displayed, this only said the newly detected items were quarantined after hitting remove threats. I'm still not sure if this could just have been a problem with cut off text since the interface is iffy, but afterward I found a different way to get to the quarantine, where I hit remove all since I still couldn't see the list. So bottom line, my questions are is it likely that the new threats were detained if not deleted, is it likely that remove all would have gotten rid of everything even if those files had been resistant to removal, and can these accessibility problems be investigated and addressed so I don't have to bombard the forum with insanely long posts like this? Thanks.
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