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  1. And, you know, I will need scan log for download site too, because I want to discusion about that with them... So I need it as evidence.
  2. Hi everyone. I had sometimes some trojans, but now it was something new.. Pornoasset, and NOT FROM PORN WEBSITE, but from ordinary czech website downloader.. I didn´t know how dangerous is this virus, so I deleted it, and restarted PC. Than I started to finding. I´m lucky one, that I made this scan now, because maybe tommorow I could have receipt to pay.. But, can I have some next very dangerous virus, which superantispyware could not find, which is for example in BIOS, or something like that? What I can do now against that? Have I got any chance to get safety back? Finally, on my desktop disappeared some file too, but I can´t remember, what it could be. And the second question - can I find scan log of that scaning? SAS wanted restard, so I could not save it. I want to know, what type of this critical virus it was. Thanks everyone for help, I´m starting to feel hopeless.
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