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  1. I finally got it running by going into my Program Files and starting it from there.
  2. I didn't just update but my SUPERAntiSpyware Pro won't open. I've tried everything including the Alternate Start and all the suggestions on the web site help pages to no avail. I tried to install over current version but wasn't able to do so. What should I do when it prompts me to uninstall current version? My only options were 'uninstall' or 'cancel'. I'm suspecting some kind of malware is preventing SAS from running. I get the first flag, but when that goes away, the program doesn't open. Also, when I download and run RUNSAS.EXE I get this error message: 'Unable to locate SUPERAntiSpyware program files.' When I download and run SASSAFERUN.COM I get this error message: ' SUPERAntiSpyware defination database is outdated. Please visit SuperAntiSpyware.com and download a new TECH edition'. I can't find anything that is called a TECH edition but I did update definitions. Help would be appreciated very much.
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