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  1. No, I removed all the files/folder and did a reinstall because the install gave me a warning against installing over an old install. Now with the 'new' install - it takes a strange long time after start up to see the icon (yellow bug with green check mark) in my system try (I mean a crazy long time). But it seems to be working again - very strange....do you think everything is fine now, or could some virus be lurking messing up SAS in some way? Thanks for your responses guys ~
  2. I had a pop up SAS window asking me to check for updates, I clicked okay but didn't pay close attention as I was in the middle of something else. After it went through the usual updating of the virus files I closed the pop up window. Later on I noticed that the icon for SAS in my system tray was gone. So I went to my Start menu and couldn't find my short cut for SAS, so I went to Program files dir and noticed that the SAS icons were changed and I didn't see my green-bug exe file. So I double clicked to run the SAS exe file but nothing happened. No matter what, I couldn't get SAS to open or show up in the sys tray, but in Task manager it shows it as running. So I restarted windows, no good. I uninstalled it, downloaded SAS again and reinstalled it. It still wouldn't run. This is all so strange, I'm not sure what to do now. I'm running Win 7 with all the updates, and I have purchased the pro verson of SAS, but that isn't helping me now. Any ideas?
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