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  1. my most sincerest apologies. i should just delete this out of embarassment but i finally updated the old software that came on this computer when i bought it used. the new version works like a charm. i shouldve updated it a while ago... not sure why i didnt. nice program and thanks a bunch for all the help and good it has done. please remove me from the mailing list though lol.
  2. I am tired of SAS automatically removing everything at the end of scan or not letting me remove it at all if im not sitting there babysitting the thing. i had to run a scan 3 times to remove a tracking cookie from fox because the program wouldnt let me choose to remove it without another scan. i had to have the program in the top window of my screen at the end of the scan to be able to select to remove it. But that is not all. IM REALLY TIRED OF SAS AUTOMATICALLY PUTTING MY FILES IN THEIR QUARANTINE or whatever they call it AUTOMATICALLY AND SHUTTING DOWN THE SCAN WINDOW! There isnt even an option to tell it not to.... BUT even worse than that when i hit remove out of "quarantine" it JUST DELETES MY FILES ALTOGETHER! I HAVE TO RUN A FILE RESTORE PROGRAM TO FIND THE DELETED FILES. Why is there even a "quarantine" option?... im surprised this shady software dont just delete whatever it wants without telling me anything at all. AND THANKS A BUNCH FOR AUTOMATICALLY RECHECKING THE BOX TO RECEIVE AUTOMATED EMAILS FROM SAS WHEN I SIGNED UP HERE TO LODGE A COMPLAINT. I actually read online from a guy saying he was from this company that removing the files from quarantine restores the files WHICH IS A BUNCH OF BS. I want to hear a legitimate response from this company without a bunch of self-serving shoveled biased crap flung. HAVE A NICE DAY. P.S. i couldnt restore all of the removed files that disappeared today. somehow some files must have got damaged by SAS. NICE!
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