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  1. Hi all! I am happy to see I'm not the only one with this issue. I'm running SAS Pro, v8.0.1024, on a Win 8.1 computer. I am also using Outlook 2010. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere else herein but I also have my SAS set to automatically run a scan every morning. Yet I still get this message almost every morning - and when I go to check, SAS tells me the last scan was run one hour prior. So, if I'm understanding this, something happened between the last scan and the time this popup occured. Bizzare. And, yes I have tried running (re-running?) a scan after this pops up. A scan that takes about an hour. And nothing appears to be found. And I agree with the user that turning off the notification seems a bit silly - we WANT the program to tell us if something is surreptitiously installed!! That's the point! As seems to be the case with everyone else, this issue began shortly after the last version update. I've used SAS Pro for years and never seen this before. I definitely believe it is a new bug, and really would like to see it addressed!! I am due to re-subscribe to Pro in about a month. If this issue persists by then, I'll definitely have second thoughts. Finally, my wife also uses a Win 8.1 computer with SAS pro, same version. She does NOT run Outlook. She does not get these popups. I've no idea if this is causation or mere relation.
  2. Thank you! I tried the above, but SAS did not register the installation file as a threat. So again, I can't submit it by the common method. The PlugCam people did respond today saying that the software is safe.
  3. I have a PlumCam system in my house, and am running the software on two computers without incident. However, when I tried to install this same software on a new Win 8.1 computer with SAS Pro running, SAS says it contains the Trojan.Agent/gen-kazy ico.process and then DELETES the installation program (so I am unable to submit a possible false positive by the recommended method). This is software I downloaded directly from the company's website - www.brite-view.com Interestingly, one of the two computers successfully running this software is another Win 8 computer with the free version of SAS on it, and it installed without difficulty, and a complete scan shows no problem. So, I suspect a false positive.
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